Exhibitions Juried: BIMPE III

BIMPE III: Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition at New Leaf Editions and Dundarave Print Gallery, Vancouver 2004

Barbara Zeigler and I jurying the show

For BIMPE III we were fortunate enough to receive over 350 entries from artists across Canada and around the world, including Argentina, Russia, Poland, Finland, Mexico, Spain, the Czech Republic and the United States. An exhibition such as this gives us an opportunity to see the exciting work being done in printmaking worldwide and to have confirmed that printmaking is a vital and vibrant artistic medium globally.

As a juror it is interesting to see the great variety of aesthetic ideas and techniques being employed by contemporary print artists – all kinds of traditional and contemporary media are being explored and used to express each artist’s unique vision. It is fascinating to see the variety of expressions artists can achieve within a small format. Part of the appeal of an international print exhibition is this opportunity to experience different modes of cultural expression and aesthetic concerns.

After having hung all the prints on the walls of the New Leaf Editions studio, Barbara, Kent and I spent several hours examining the work. First separately, then together, we went through each submission and made our decisions. It was a difficult task, with so many excellent works to select from. In the end we chose 130 pieces, and from those selected the prize winners and honourable mentions. In making our decision, we paid attention to both subject matter and technique – we selected works we found interesting, challenging, captivating and beautiful, and which were also technically accomplished. Most successful were those works which paid attention to the small format, which expressed ideas most well-suited to the miniature print scale. After several hours of deliberation, we were very pleased to award the first prize to Canadian Michiko Suzuki’s “A Feeler & Copperplate I” and the second prize to Russian Vladimir Zueva’s “Two Inconvenient Poses”. We also awarded a third prize to “El Aqua en los Ojos” by Mexican artist Georgina Arce Cano.

I’d like to thank my fellow jurors, and Peter Braune and Katie Dey, for the opportunity to be part of this very special event.

Lisa MacLean 2004

BIMPE III catalogue excerpt


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