Installations, Mexico: Flowers and Ribbons

While staying in the colonial town of Guanajuato in Central Mexico for Semana Santa (Holy Week), I took the opportunity to decorate the dehydrated tree on our patio. As a result of Guanajuato’s water shortage, in which we only had water 4 days out of 7, this poor tree did not really get enough water to do more than barely survive. Since it had little in the way of leaves and only a few tiny buds, I decided to decorate it with ribbons and colourful paper cut-outs as a substitute for the flowers that it lacked.

Later, while staying in Puerto Escondido on the south Pacific Coast of Mexico, I experimented with small interventions along the Camino al Mirador, a walkway along the oceanfront.

In spots, this walkway has broken down and bits of it can be seen in the ocean; in other areas, the concrete is starting to crack and deteriorate. Along its length anonymous artists have tagged the shoreline and street philosophers have inscribed their thoughts into and onto the rock.

On the cliffside I installed 20 strands of coloured ribbon on a promontory viewpoint to watch them dance in the stiff breeze. These we left behind for passersby to enjoy.

See more pictures of the Camino here.

The small pool at the Swiss Oasis Hotelito inspired a vision of colourful lily pads and Ophelia floating amongst the flowers.

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