Exhibitions Curated: Nature, Culture and Community

Lyndal Osborne, Spinners

Lyndal Osborne, Spinners

m/m: sage, day lilies, rhubarb seeds, dogwood, lime grass, cattail, wire, yellow willow, spear grass, gaillardia, palm leaves

How do humans respond to nature? Does the natural environment create a particular kind of community? Do our relationships with one another and with the natural world change over time? How do we transform nature with our cultural interventions? The three artists included in this exhibition at the Nanaimo Art Gallery in 1999 – Roland Martin, Lyndal Osborne and Sandra Senchuk – each address these interrelated issues of nature, culture and community.

Each of these three artists responds in his or her own way to the belief that “Nature is the Art of which we are a part”.

Semchuk, Death's Embrace

Sandra Semchuk, Death is a Natural Thing, Sweetheart collaboration with Martin Semchuk. photograph

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