Exhibitions Curated: History: A Re-Evaluation

Burgess, Ginger Flowers

Jeff Burgess

History: A Re-evaluation was an exhibition presented by the Liberal Studies Program at Malaspina University-College in conjunction with the Nanaimo Art Gallery in 1995. Participating artists included Gillian Armitage, Jeff Burgess, William Good, Frances Grafton, Jennifer Timbrell Judge, Michael Judge, Valerie Metz, Gail Ouellette and Denise Carson Wilde.

The exhibition brought together artists who are reworking art-historical models from various periods in the western tradition, including the Middle Ages, Renaissance, seventeenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and a First Nations artist who is reviving the art and style of the Coast Salish tradition. The exhibition presented a diversity of approaches to a common problem – the problem of history. Among the issued addressed by the nine artists included are the recovery of past artistic traditions, the questions of appropriation and the art market, gender and the importance of technique and craft. As noted by the Nanaimo Art Gallery’s curator Pamela Speight, the artists participating in History: A Re-evaluation, although diverse in their approach, show an underlying concern with the way images and symbols shift their meaning when put in different contexts, thereby exposing the processes by which meaning is constructed¬Ě.

Armitage, Devils are Driven

Gill Armitage

Grafton, Stripped of Sense

Frances Grafton

History: A Re-Evaluation catalogue