Art Work: Digital Images

I find art historical images and their iconography intellectually and visually fascinating; fragments of cultural and natural history, juxtaposed with contemporary photographic imagery, are contemplated and manipulated in my work. These works are a dialogue with a history that, while irretrievably gone, is at the same time, ever-present. That condition of being both present and absent is most clearly articulated in the photograph, which records that which really was, the vanished, as being eternally here and now. This paradox I find particularly interesting – how can history, which is not now and never will be again, be always present? Each of the elements in these works has both an historical and a personal significance.

I see historical material, especially visual cultural artifacts, as an archive of research material, images of people and places I can never know in the flesh, as it were, but only in these traces of their past. Like an archeologist or natural historian, I sift through these remnants, drawing out pictures that have beauty or power or poignancy and bringing them into my life. How else to come to terms with history?

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Contaminated Architectural Space

Green Maonster Casino
Green Monster Casino, Sachsenhausen

Beyond the Flesh Dress Series

Angel and Pantheon
Angel and Pantheon

Fallen Photographic Series

D_20 Mountains, Male Nude, Pumpkins

D_20 Mountains, Male Nude, Pumpkins

La Specola Series


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