An Accident of Being selected for the 2017 Roma DOC Film Festival & the Beijing International Short Film Festival

I’m very happy to announce that my short experimental film An Accident of Being has been selected for this year’s Roma Cinema DOC in October 2017 & the Beijing International Short Film Festival  in November 2017.

Why am I here rather than there, this rather than that? An accident of being makes me human and not the blind gelatinous subjectivity of the jellyfish. Human mentality is archeological; way down below the level of consciousness, in the deep blackness of the reptilian past, no traces of our coming into being remain. Yet, in ways beyond my knowing we are all, as Freud suggested, jellyfish propelling ourselves onward into death, whether human, sea creature, bird, insect, or plant. Death is inevitable; but not yet. In the meantime, our lives are holy, blessed, beautiful, whether we are human or more-than-human.

Roma Cinema DOC is a monthly film festival based in Italy that features the best short films, documentaries, and web series from around the world. Every month, Judges award the best films of each category. Every winner is given the distinction of an Official Finalist of the annual event in which Judges and Audience will award the best films of each category. The 2nd Roma Cinema DOC event will take place in October 2017.

2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition

I’m delighted to announce that my short experimental film The Vanishing was selected as a semi-finalist at the 2017 Kaohsiung Film Festival International Short Film Competition in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. Held in October and November 2017, the Kaohsiung International Short Film Competition is dedicated to discover new filmmakers and to enhance cultural exchanges through short films.

The Vanishing is a short experimental art film whose theme is the extinction and disappearance of bird species. The film is not a documentary, but a metaphorical imagining of the vanishing of birds worldwide. It opens with swirling clouds and a white sun rising over a stark mountain landscape; the sky blackens, then we see treetops, clouds behind, and two suns, a black one rising and a golden one setting.

Next, a lightning storm, and small birds twittering and flying in tree branches as the sun moves past. All of this is somewhat abstract; viewers can identify these things but they are all strange-looking and somewhat eerie – the mood is one of disquiet and slight anxiousness. The film ends in a void, with fire and smoke drifting across the screen.