Korek, detail

I have been painting dried korek stalks for a while now, big ones and small ones, long ones and short ones. I had imagined placing them in various locations and photographing them so today I gave that a shot. Unfortunately, the weather was hot and muggy and somewhat overcast, not too auspicious for photography. I had wanted to see what the painted stalks looked like against the blue sky and the background of the valley so I arranged them along my terrace wall, pressed against the cement by a disused, rickety wooden sun lounger. I also visualized seeing them suspended, somehow. In order to try this out, I ran a length of string from a tree to a cement post in front of the pond next to the amphitheatre. I then attached the 14 stalks with smaller bits of string to this clothes-line-like apparatus. As mentioned, the weather conditions were not optimum but I did like the way they looked suspended beside the pool with the valley in the background. I will leave them hanging overnight and hope that it will neither rain nor be too windy and that they will still be suspended there tomorrow. 

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