Attention, faithful readers

I just found out yesterday that the Internet Explorer version of this site had been compromised, likely due to a java update. Since I use Firefox, and had been editing and updating my site in that browser, I wasn’t aware of the problem because in Firefox, there was no problem. But some of my posts for the last two and a half months were missing from or corrupted  in the Internet Explorer version. I imagine you can understand the enormous frustration that I felt in finding that out … and the amount of time it has taken in the last two days, with the help of Ty, to fix it. AAARRRGGGH.

Anyway, since I realise that many of you – well, however many of you there are out there reading this – will have been accessing this site through IE, I have now fixed the problem so that my previous months’ posts can be read in their entirety … “O, joy”, I can hear you say. So, if you do have time one of these days, check them out!